How to get from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm

Stockholm Skavsta International Airport is located near the city of Nyköping, 100 km from Stockholm. The airport is designed for low-cost airlines such as Wizz Air and Ryanair.

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Международный аэропорт Нюрнберга

How to get from Durer Airport to Nuremberg

Albrecht Durer International Airport, or Nuremberg Airport for short, is located 5 km from the German city of the same name. It is Bavaria’s second largest airport after Munich Airport.

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How to get from Memmingen Airport to Munich

Memmingen International Airport is located in Germany, in the village of Memmingerberg, 4 km from the city of Memmingen and 110 km from Munich. It is a former military airfield.

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How to get from Luton Airport to London

London Luton International Airport is located on the outskirts of Luton, Bedfordshire, 48km from London.

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аэропорт Манчестера (Manchester Airport)

How to get from Manchester Airport to city centre

Manchester International Airport is located 14km from the centre of the city of the same name in the North West of England. It is the second largest airport in the UK and the third largest in terms of passenger traffic.

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Международный аэропорт Ставангер (Stavanger)

How to get from Stavanger Airport to city centre

Stavanger International Airport, also known as Sola Airport, is located 11 km from the large industrial city of Stavanger, in the municipality of Sola in southwest Norway.

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Международный аэропорт Франкфурт-на-Майне

How to get from Frankfurt Airport to city centre

Frankfurt International Airport (or Frankfurt Airport for short) is 12 km away from the city of the same name. It is also known as Rhein-Main Airport and is the largest in Germany.

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Международный аэропорт Франкфурт-Хан

How to get from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport to Frankfurt and Luxembourg

Frankfurt-Hahn International Airport, despite its name, is located 120 kilometres from the city of Frankfurt am Main, in the commune of Hahn in western Germany.

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аэропорт Векше-Смоланд

How to get from Vaxjo Smaland Airport to Vaxjo

Vaxjo Smaland International Airport (or Vaxjo) is geographically located in the south of Sweden. The airport gets its dual name from the province of Smaland, of which it is a part, and the popular tourist town of Vaxjo, located 10 km away.

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Международный аэропорт Тампере-Пирккала

How to get from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport to Tampere and Helsinki

Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport is located in southern Finland, 13 km from Tampere, the country’s second most important city after Helsinki.

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