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How to get from Oslo Gardermoen Airport to city centre

Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Oslo International Airport is located at Gardermoen – hence the second name of the airport complex – 35 km north of the city of Oslo. Of all the airports serving the Norwegian capital, Gardermoen is the main one. Oslo airport is also the number one airport in Norway in terms of passenger traffic.

The airport has one terminal with free wireless internet access for the first two hours of use throughout the entire terminal.

Oslo Airport is categorised as ‘OSL’ by the International Air Transport Association.

The airport’s official website is

Oslo Airport Terminal

From the airport to Oslo

The best way to reach the centre of the Norwegian capital is by train, as the nearest railway station (Gardermoen Station/Oslo Airport Station) is directly below the airport terminal.

Two types of trains stop at the platform: Flytoget Airport Express and Norwegian Railways (NSB) regional trains. There is no fundamental difference between the two: all trains pass through Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). The only differences are in price and comfort – the Express, for example, has free Wi-Fi.

Oslo Airport Station

The Flytoget Airport Express, which departs towards Oslo every 10 minutes, costs 180 Norwegian krones (approximately €20), while a regular train ticket costs half as much.

The former takes 19 minutes to reach central Oslo, the latter takes up to 25 minutes. Train tickets can be purchased from special vending machines on the platform as well as in the arrival hall. For more information, visit the carriers’ websites: and

The bus is another form of public transport linking the airport with Oslo. For example, the Flybussen shuttle bus departs from the terminal every 20 minutes, stopping at the bus station (Oslo Bussterminal) next to Oslo Central Station. The fare is 150 Norwegian krones. For more information, visit the carrier’s website –

Bus stop near Oslo Airport

You can also get into central Oslo on buses from the local carrier Ruter, which, unlike Flybussen, make several stops in the city. Read more here –

Of course, you can also take a taxi to the city centre. If so, the journey will cost about 600-700 Norwegian krones, depending on which part of the city you want to go to.

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