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How to get from Bratislava Airport to city centre

Bratislava Airport

Milan Rastislav Štefánik International Airport, better known as Bratislava Airport or Bratislava-Ivanka Airport, is 9 km from the centre of the Slovak capital. Although the airport has just one terminal, it is the largest in Slovakia. In addition, Štefánik Airport is the base airport for the European low-cost carrier Ryanair, which in turn makes it possible for low-cost travellers throughout Europe.

The classification of the International Air Transport Association gives Stefanik Airport a code ‘BTS’.

The official website of the airport is

Bratislava Airport Terminal

From the airport to Bratislava

The bus is the only public transport that connects Bratislava Airport with the Slovak capital.

There are two routes available to passengers: No.96 and No.61. However, they run in different directions. Keep in mind that Bratislava stands on the Danube River, which divides the city into two parts.

Bus No.96 goes through the right bank. Its terminus is in Prokofievova street, in the residential district of Petržalka.

Tourists are more interested in the left bank, where you’ll find the Old Town and all the more or less famous landmarks of the city. You can get here by bus No.61, the last stop of which is the Central Railway Station. The journey takes 25 minutes. The same bus also runs at night.

The stop of routes 96 and 61 is right at the exit of the airport terminal. Buses leave every 10-20 minutes. Ticket prices range from €0.70 (15 minute ride) to €0.90 (60 minute ride on weekdays and 90 on weekends).

Of course, if you need to get from the centre of Bratislava to Štefánik Airport, you can take one of the bus routes offered, depending on the time of day. Or you can order a taxi. If so, the journey will cost around €10.

From Bratislava to Vienna and Prague

Historically, Bratislava borders two European countries – Austria and Hungary. What’s more, the Austrian capital is just 55 km away! Not surprisingly, Bratislava is often used by travellers as a starting point for further exploration across Europe.

What’s more, once you arrive at Bratislava Airport, you can go straight to Vienna. Buses provided by Slovak Lines and FlixBus, which stop outside the airport terminal, can be found here. Fares start at €5. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver. The journey to the Austrian capital will take just over an hour.

Another way to see Bratislava and the neighboring capitals is to take the train. As has already been mentioned, you can get bus No.61 from the airport to the train station. And from there you can travel by train not only to Vienna, but also, for example, to Prague. You can find out more about these destinations on the Slovak Railways website –

From Bratislava to Vienna and Prague

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