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How to get from Zurich Airport to city centre

Zurich Airport

Zurich International Airport (formerly known as Kloten) is located in the canton of Kloten, i.e. the region. It is the largest airport in Switzerland.

According to the classification of the International Air Transport Association, Zurich Airport is coded ‘ZRH’.

The official website of the airport is

A map of Zurich Airport terminals can be found here.

Zurich Airport Terminal

From the airport to Zurich

The most economical way to get to Zurich from the airport is by train. The train station is located below the airport. Look out for the sign ‘SBB’ – that is, Swiss Railways.

From this station you can travel not only to Zurich but also to any other part of the country.

If Zurich is your destination, you will need either the high-speed trains (ICN, IR), which go straight to the city without stopping, or the suburban trains (S).

Depending on which mode you choose, it will take a maximum of 10 minutes to get downtown.

Trains arrive at Hauptbahnhof Zürich – Zurich Central Station.

The fare is 6 Swiss francs (less than 4 for children under 16). Tickets are sold at ticket booths and specialized vending machines.

Alternatively, you can take a bus to the Oerlikon train station in the north of Zurich. Many trains from the airport might as well take you to Oerlikon and will get you there in no time at all.

Buses stop at a terminal just outside the main airport complex.

Bus timetables and fares are available here –

Another way to get to Zurich is by tram. Yes, yes – the most common tram. You will need routes 10 and 12, which connect the airport with the various railway stations in the city.

For the comfort of a taxi you will have to pay around 50 francs. The journey to the city centre takes about 20 minutes.

From Zurich to the airport

Of all the options on offer, the train is probably the best way to get to the airport. Firstly, it is cheap, and secondly, it is fast. And you don’t have to be bothered by traffic jams.

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