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How to get from Vasteras Airport to Stockholm

Vasteras Airport

Stockholm-Vasteras International Airport, or Vasteras for short, is located near the town of the same name in south-eastern Sweden. Although Stockholm is mentioned in the official name, the distance between the airport and the Swedish capital is 110 km. It is not the closest airport complex to Stockholm, but thanks to low-cost airlines (primarily Ryanair) it has gained some popularity among budget tourists.

At the moment there are regular flights from the airport to Helsinki, London, Alicante and Malaga. Stockholm-Vasteras consists of one passenger terminal.

The classification system of the International Air Transport Association gives Stockholm-Vasteras Airport a code ‘VST’.

The official website of the airport is

Stockholm-Vasteras Airport Terminal

From Vasteras Airport to Stockholm

The easiest way to get to the Swedish capital is by bus. If you like, you can go a bit farther and take the train.

The only bus stop is opposite the terminal. The city bus No.3 and the Flygbussarna shuttle bus both stop here. The latter directly connects Vasteras Airport with Stockholm without any additional stops. The journey takes 80 minutes. As for fares, a ticket will cost about 139 Swedish kronor (approximately €14) if purchased on the carrier’s website – Tickets can also be purchased from a special vending machine in the terminal building or directly from the driver using a bank card and only. The Flygbussarna shuttle bus drops off passengers at the Cityterminalen bus terminal in central Stockholm.

The aforementioned bus No.3 comes in handy if you’re going to the nearest town, Vasteras, or to the train station, where you can take the train to the Swedish capital. Buses go every 10 minutes and it takes the same amount of time to get into town. The bus fare is included in the price of a train ticket, which can be purchased at the airport terminal building. Trains leave towards Stockholm Central Station a maximum of twice an hour. Prices for 2nd class tickets start at 105 Swedish kronor. You can also take care of your fare online at

Ticket office in the terminal building at Stockholm-Vasteras Airport

The most ‘extreme’ way to get to Stockholm is to take a taxi. A taxi will then cost 1,500 Swedish kronor or €156, respectively.

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