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How to get from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport to Tampere and Helsinki

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport

Tampere-Pirkkala International Airport is located in southern Finland, 13 km from Tampere, the country’s second most important city after Helsinki. As the airport complex is operated by the municipality of Pirkkala and at a short distance from Tampere, hence its name.

Tampere-Pirkkala is one of the top three national leaders in overseas passenger traffic, thanks in large part to the arrival of low-cost airline Ryanair. The airport consists of two terminals, with Terminal 2 being fully dedicated to Ryanair flights and Terminal 1 to all other carriers.

The International Air Transport Association classification gives Tampere-Pirkkala Airport a code ‘TMP’.

The official website of the airport is

Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Terminal

From the airport to Tampere and Helsinki

The only means of public transport connecting Tampere-Pirkkala Airport with the nearest cities is by bus.

The 1A city bus stops at Terminal 1 and runs between the airport and the centre of Tampere, covering the bus terminal and Tampere train station, from where you can take the train to Helsinki in an hour and a half. In fact, it’s the fastest way to reach the Swedish capital, unlike the buses which are cheaper but take much longer (more than two hours!). Train tickets start at €9.90 if you buy them on the carrier’s website – For intercity bus fares, click here for more details –

A trip on the 1A bus will cost €5. You can buy tickets from the driver, but be sure to say that your destination is Tampere, as the fare depends on the number of transport zones you cross (in this case three). The bus departs from the terminal once an hour and the journey time will be 30 minutes.

Another bus linking the airport to the Tampere city centre is linked to Ryanair flight schedules and therefore stops near Terminal 2. The fare will cost €6. Tickets can be purchased from the driver for cash. The final stop is Tampere railway station. This route is served by Tokee buses.

If necessary, you can also take a taxi to Tampere, which is parked near Terminal 1. The average fare to Tampere city centre is €19.

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