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How to get from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Stockholm

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm Arlanda International Airport, despite its name, is quite far from the Swedish capital – 37 km away. It is not the closest airport to Stockholm, but the busiest in Sweden.

The airport consists of 4 passenger terminals, which can be confusing: Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5.

Wi-Fi is available in all public areas of the airport. The Wi-Fi service is free for the first 3 hours of use or until the 100 mb limit is exceeded.

According to the International Air Transport Association classification, Stockholm Arlanda Airport has been assigned a code ‘ARN’.

The airport’s official website is

Stockholm Arlanda Airport Terminal

From the airport to Stockholm

Several forms of public transport link Stockholm Arlanda Airport directly to the Swedish capital.

The fastest way to get to Stockholm is to take the Arlanda Express train. The journey time is only 20 minutes. The fare is as follows: 280 Swedish kronas (€30) for adults and 150 Swedish kronas (€16) for those under 25 years of age. Tickets can be purchased from special vending machines at the airport or directly from the company’s website –

Arlanda Express

The terminus is Stockholm Central Station (or Stockholm C), in the heart of the city. Regardless of which terminal you arrive at, you can get down to the train platform from either one, just follow the signs. Arlanda Express trains leave every 15 minutes. Notably, all carriages are equipped with free Wi-Fi.

If you want to save significantly on fares, then you will need the Stockholm Public Transport Single Ticket, SL for short, which gives you the right to transfer to any transport within the system, but only within the time allocated on the ticket. To travel to Stockholm, you will only need a ticket that is valid for 75 minutes. It costs 43 Swedish kronas (€4.50) if purchased from special vending machines or ticket offices, and 60 Swedish kronas (€6.30) if purchased from a conductor in the cabin.

Bus 583 near Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Now for the route map. The bus No.583 stops in front of the airport terminals. A 10-15 minute journey will bring you to the small town of Märsta, where you will find the railway station of the same name. Here you need to change to a Stockholm commuter train, which will take you to downtown Stockholm in less than 40 minutes. Together with the transfer, you’ll spend 60-70 minutes of your time.

Flygbussarna bus

Alternatively, you can take the Flygbussarna bus to the Swedish capital from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which departs for Downtown every 10 minutes. The fare is 99 Swedish kronas (just over €10). The journey takes a maximum of 50 minutes. More information on the carrier’s website –

And, of course, the easiest, yet most expensive, way to get to central Stockholm is by taxi. Such a service will cost 675 Swedish kronas, which equals about €70.

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