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How to get from Stavanger Airport to city centre

Stavanger Airport

Stavanger International Airport, also known as Sola Airport, is located 11 km from the large industrial city of Stavanger, in the municipality of Sola in southwest Norway. It is Norway’s third largest airport and has air links to such European capitals as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Prague, Riga, Stockholm and of course, Oslo. Of the low-cost carriers, one of the market leaders, Wizz Air, also operates flights here.

Stavanger Airport has two passenger terminals, one for planes and one for helicopters. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the terminal complex (2 hours).

Stavanger Airport is categorised as ‘SVG’ by the International Air Transport Association.

The airport’s official website is

Stavanger Airport Terminal

From airport to city

There are several bus routes between Stavanger Airport and nearby cities.

The Flybussen shuttle bus connects the airport with the city of Stavanger. It takes no more than half an hour to get downtown. The bus stop is just outside the arrival hall (turn right). You can buy tickets in advance on the carrier’s website ( for 117 Norwegian kroner or directly from the driver, but at a slightly higher price of 130 Norwegian kroner.

For information, €1 is equal to approximately 9 Norwegian kroner.

Flybussen buses also run between the airport and Sandnes. If you want to get from the airport to Bryne, another carrier, Jaerlines (, offers a similar route.

City bus No.42 also stops near the airport and takes you to Jasund, Tananger, Sola, Forus, Kvadrat and Sandnes. Fares start at 35 Norwegian kroner.

As for a taxi ride into downtown Stavanger, it costs 400 Norwegian kroner, which is €44. The taxi companies’ stand is at the exit of the terminal on the left.

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