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How to get from Malmo Airport to Malmo and Copenhagen

Malmo Airport

Malmo International Airport, formerly known as Sturup, has a unique geographical location: 28 km from Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, 26 km from the picturesque Swedish town of Lund, and 55 km from the centre of Copenhagen (thanks to the bridge linking Sweden and Denmark).

However, Malmo Airport is small and consists of a single passenger terminal. For budget travellers, the terminal complex is well known for regular flights by the low-cost carrier Wizz Air. Notably, free Wi-Fi is available in the terminal building for 3 hours of use with a limit of 100 mb.

The Malmo airport is coded as ‘MMX’ by the International Air Transport Association.

The airport’s official website is

Malmo Airport Terminal

From Malmo Airport to other cities

Bus routes from the airport take you to both the Swedish cities of Malmo and Lund, as well as the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Flygbussarna buses connect the airport with Malmo and Lund. Given that these cities are approximately the same distance, the journey time is about 45 minutes. The Flygbussarna buses are parked directly outside the terminal. Along the way, the buses make a series of stops, ending their route in the centre of the cities.

It is possible to buy tickets inside the terminal building (printout kiosks, special machines, information centre) as well as directly from the driver, though in the latter case only bank cards are accepted. It is also possible to buy your ticket in advance at The fare is 105 Swedish kronor (approximately €11) and does not depend on the destination.

In turn, Neptunbus buses depart from Malmo Airport for the city of Copenhagen. Please note that these shuttle buses are linked to Wizz Air flights. Tickets can be booked online 2 days (!) before arrival – The ticket will cost 100 Danish kroner, which is approximately €10. If seats are available, tickets can be bought from the driver, but then the price rises to 120 Danish kroner. The journey to Copenhagen takes 1 hour.

Taxi companies are also available near the airport terminal. A trip to central Malmo will cost from 400 Swedish kronor and a trip to Copenhagen will cost 1,250 Swedish kronor (this high price is due to an additional charge for crossing the toll bridge between Sweden and Denmark).

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