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Home Airports How to get from Kutaisi Airport to Batumi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi

How to get from Kutaisi Airport to Batumi, Tbilisi and Kutaisi

Kutaisi Airport

Kutaisi International Airport is located 14 kilometres from the Georgian city of Kutaisi. Very often arriving tourist passengers use Kutaisi airport as a starting point for a trip to the resort city of Batumi, whose airport is not yet used by European low-cost airlines.

It is a fairly young airport, having opened in 2012. Thanks to the fact that the airport is a hub for such a popular low-cost carrier as Wizz Air, new destinations are regularly opened and thus the annual passenger traffic is constantly growing, approaching the one million mark.

Kutaisi Airport consists of one terminal. There are ATM, currency exchange, 24-hour information service, and free Wi-Fi access on site.

According to the classification of the International Air Transport Association, Kutaisi Airport is coded ‘KUT’.

The official website of the airport is (English version available).

Kutaisi Airport Terminal

From the airport to Kutaisi, Batumi and Tbilisi

From the airport you can easily reach not only Kutaisi, but also Batumi and Tbilisi. The same carrier, Georgian Bus, connects the airport with the above-mentioned cities.

As an option, you can use taxi services, but keep in mind that the distance to Batumi is 120 kilometres and to Tbilisi – 200 kilometres, with a trip to nearby Kutaisi costs 15-20 Georgian lari (€4-5). The most extreme option to get from the airport to the centre of Kutaisi is to get on the road and catch a minibus.

The departure of the Georgian Bus minibuses is linked to the timetable of the flights. The minibus departs no later than one hour after landing. Tickets may be purchased either in advance at or at the Georgian Bus counter at the exit of the customs zone of the airport. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card.

Georgian Bus

Examples of the Georgian Bus rates: a ticket to Kutaisi for one adult costs 5 lari (€1.25), to Batumi – 15 lari (€4), to Tbilisi – 20 lari (€5). Luggage, except for a specific type of sports equipment, is included in the fare.

The bus does not stop en route, except for a short break for the driver and passengers, near a cafe or a shop, because the trip to Batumi takes over 2 hours, and to Tbilisi over 4 hours. In Batumi, the minibus drops off passengers near the Radisson Blu Hotel, near the Ferris Wheel and the sculpture ‘Ali and Nino’; in Tbilisi, near Freedom Square, in the heart of the Georgian capital; in Kutaisi, near McDonald’s, near the Kolkheti Fountain.

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