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Home Airports How to get from Frederic Chopin Airport to Warsaw city centre

How to get from Frederic Chopin Airport to Warsaw city centre

Warsaw Chopin Airport

Warsaw Frederic Chopin International Airport (Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie), formerly known as Warsaw-Okęcie Airport, is located in Okęcie, 10 km south-west of the centre of the Polish capital. It is Poland’s largest airport, with Polish airline LOT and Hungarian low-cost Wizz Air providing half the traffic.

Chopin Airport consists of just one terminal, Terminal A, which is divided into South Hall (former Terminal 1) and North Hall (former Terminal 2).

Warsaw Chopin Airport has classification code ‘WAW’ according to the International Air Transport Association.

The official website of the airport is

Chopin Airport Terminal

From the airport to the centre of Warsaw

Chopin Airport is already in Warsaw, as Okęcie is part of the city’s Włochy district. Thus, getting to the centre of the Polish capital is not too difficult. All you need to do is use one of the public transport options on offer.

Warsaw Airport is served by a total of five bus routes, which make stops at Warsaw’s key transport hubs and stop near the city’s largest hotels. Daytime routes 175 and 188, as well as night-time route 32, provide access to the centre of Warsaw. Bus No.148 takes you to the southern and eastern part of the city, while route 331 takes you to the Wilanowska metro station in the southern part of Warsaw.

Buses near Warsaw Airport

The bus stops are located right outside the terminal (you only need to cross the road via a pedestrian crossing). The fare for a one-way trip is 4.40 Polish zloty, which equals €1.

Warsaw Airport also has a rail connection to the city centre, which is provided by two companies – KML (Koleje Mazowieckie trains) and SKM (S2 and S3 city train lines). The stop is right here: when you exit the terminal, turn right and follow the signs.

This is the fastest of all the modes of transportation under consideration. The journey takes just over 20 minutes. Trains and trains leave every 10-15 minutes. A single ticket on the SKM will cost 4.40 Polish zloty, while a ticket on the KML will cost 6.80 Polish zloty. Tickets can be purchased from special vending machines on the platform.

Railway station at Chopin Airport

To get to the centre of Warsaw you will need to get off at the Warszawa Śródmieście (train S2) and Warszawa Centrum (train S3 and KML trains) stops.

From the centre of Warsaw to the airport

If your flight is during the daytime or evening, you can use any of the public transportation means above. However, if you have a late departure late at night or you are on a tight schedule, it is best to book a taxi. If so, the journey to Chopin Airport will cost about 40 Polish zloty.

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