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Turotvet Airports How to get from Durer Airport to Nuremberg

How to get from Durer Airport to Nuremberg

Albrecht Durer Airport

Albrecht Durer International Airport, or Nuremberg Airport for short, is located 5 km from the German city of the same name. It is Bavaria’s second largest airport after Munich Airport.

Nuremberg Airport has just one terminal, consisting of two interconnected waiting rooms and one arrivals hall.

According to the classification of the International Air Transport Association, Nuremberg Airport has a code ‘NUE’.

The airport’s official website is

Durer Airport Terminal

From the airport to Nuremberg city centre

Although the city is literally at arm’s length, you’ll still need some form of public transport to get there.

The easiest way to reach the city centre is to take the metro. The nearest station, called Flughafen, is right on the grounds of Nuremberg Airport. From here, the U2 underground line runs from the airport to the main railway station. The journey time is 12 minutes. If you want, you can walk from the station to the city centre in 8 minutes. Or, without leaving the Hauptbahnhof, you can take the U1 underground line and get off at the Lorenzkirche station in the heart of the city, for example.

Nuremberg metro line

You can also get to Nuremberg with a choice of buses, all of which have stops outside the airport terminal. However, all of these routes do not serve the central districts of Nuremberg. Bus No.32 goes to Nürnberg Thon, bus No.33 to Nürnberg Buch and night bus No.12 to the central railway station. But if you have booked a hotel in one of these city areas, the bus is preferable to the metro.

A single ticket on either public transport is €3.00 for adults or €1.50 for children (ticket is valid for 90 minutes), or €1.60 for adults and €0.80 for children (ticket is valid for 60 minutes, max 3-5 stops).

A taxi ride from Nuremberg Airport to Downtown costs €20. Travel time is 20 minutes, unless of course there is traffic congestion.

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