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How to get from Copenhagen Airport to the city

Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen International Airport, also known as Kastrup Airport, is located 8 km from the Danish capital, Copenhagen, on Amager Island. It is the largest airport not only in Denmark, but in the entire Scandinavian region.

The airport consists of three main terminals as well as a special fourth terminal, CPH Go, exclusively dedicated to low-cost airlines such as EasyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Air. CPH Go is accessed via Terminal 3.

A shuttle bus service is available at Copenhagen Airport, which is a convenient way to get from one terminal to another. The interval between buses is 15 minutes (20 minutes at night). The fare is free for all passengers.

The Copenhagen airport is categorised by the International Air Transport Association with code ‘CPH’.

The official website of the airport is

Copenhagen Airport Terminal

From the airport to city centre

Because Copenhagen Airport is so large, there are several ways to get downtown Copenhagen.

When it comes to buses, the best option is route 5A, which stops at the Terminal 3 exit. The journey to the city centre (with an intermediate stop at the main railway station) takes 30-35 minutes. It is a 24-hour bus, leaving every 10 minutes during the day and a little longer at night.

Bus stop 5A near Copenhagen Airport

Tickets can be purchased from special vending machines in the Terminal 3 building or directly from the driver. Please note that the driver only accepts payment in coins! The fare depends on the Copenhagen transport zone to which you are travelling.

Although Denmark is part of the eurozone, all payments are made in Danish kroner, not the euro.

The underground is another means of transport linking Copenhagen to the airport. It is easy to find: the Lufthavnen station on the M2 line is on the first floor of Terminal 3. The journey time to the nearest hub, Nørreport, is no more than 13 minutes. Tickets can be purchased on the platform, with prices also depending on the transport area to which you are travelling.

Metro station at Copenhagen Airport Terminal

There is also a train station at Terminal 3, from which you can travel to other cities in Denmark and neighbouring Sweden.

And, of course, you can take a taxi to downtown Copenhagen. If there is no traffic jam on the road, the trip will take 20 minutes and cost 250-300 Danish kroner (approximately €33-40). Taxi stands are at the exit of terminals 2 and 3, and a tip is usually included in the fare.

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